Product guarantee on all FIX2-FCS products

All our equipment products come with a manufacturer's guarantee.
For items of a technical nature, this is generally a one-year guarantee. Should this guarantee be less than or more than a year, it will be clearly pointed out to you. You thus benefit from a total guarantee covering any material or manufacturing defect.
Please note: our products will however not be considered as faulty, be it materially or by way of manufacturing, if any sort of repair is carried out by the client themselves.
Neither does this guarantee cover impact or accidents, normal wear and tear, defect, misuse and improper usage in particular but not exclusively, mistakes, falls, breaks, poor maintenance, causes peripheral to the equipment or ageing resulting from normal product usage.
It is only effective in Europe.
In the event of a problem, please call/write us or your local dealer, clearly explaining what happened. With our consent, please send us the goods. After examination SMISDOM PLASTICS may take care of all return, repair or exchange costs.
Please note: small accessories and consumables can in no way be guaranteed.

Quality label

When buying an article which has our Quality Label you can be sure that you are buying a unique article which is the result of well-considered studies and which has a nice and functional design. The Smisdom Plastics Quality Label guarantees that the products you are buying are made of high grade plastics.