Destination Order
- 20 €
from 20 € to 40 €
from + 40 € to 400 €
from + 400 €
€ 10 € 15 € 20 € 30
Great Britain
€ 15 € 25 € 30 € 40
Rest of Europe € 20 € 30 € 35 € 50

Delivery periods

When making an order, if you manage to add the desired products to your basket, we will have these in stock in Saint-Trond, Belgium. We undertake to do everything possible to hand over the order to the carrier as quickly as possible — 1 or 2 working days — after acceptance of your payment.

Destination Period
3 - 4 days
La Grande-Britagne
4 - 6 days
Reste de l’Europe 4 - 6 days

Parcel delivery Delivery

Normally, a parcel is delivered to you in person. You then confirm taking delivery of the parcel by signing the delivery slip or digital screen of the GLS delivery driver's PDA. Another member of your household can also take delivery of the parcel on your behalf.

If no-one is there

GLS will ask a neighbour if they can take in your parcel. If there is no neighbour to take delivery of the parcel, GLS can drop it off at the nearest pick-up point of Mondial Relay, since GLS and Mondial Relay are partners. The parcel may be collected from there within a 7-day period.
Should it be impossible to deliver the parcel, be it at a neighbour's or a nearby pick-up point, GLS will return it to the depot (distribution centre).

Non-delivery notice

If no-one is there and the parcel cannot be delivered at the given address, the GLS delivery driver will leave a non-delivery notice containing basic information, like the name of the neighbour with whom the parcel was left and re-delivery options. If the parcel is left at a pick-up point, the address of the pick-up point will be made available — as shown on the non-delivery notice — from the following day as you log into

Your "Track ID" or non-delivery notice no.

The non-delivery notice bears a number — the "Track ID". You can use this number or the parcel number to follow your parcel online, on your smart phone or via SMS.
The "Track ID" is particularly important in the event of your parcel being returned to the depot by GLS. You can use this number to request re-delivery online. This means that you yourself can determine what will happen to your parcel.

Parcel re-delivery options

Should your parcel be returned to the depot, you may select one of the following solutions:

  • A second delivery attempt of the parcel to the address initially given and at a date of your choice.
  • Delivery of the parcel to another address of your choice (excluding Mondial Relay pick-up points).
  • Signature release authorisation. The GLS delivery driver can deliver your parcel at the address you have provided, even if no-one is there.
  • Collecting the parcel from the depot. The parcel remains at the depot where you may go and collect it yourself within 6 days. There will be no attempt to re-deliver the parcel in this case.

Second delivery attempt

GLS will arrange a second delivery attempt if no neighbour is able to take delivery of your parcel and if there is no pick-up point nearby. When you select a re-delivery option, things will happen as you intend the next time the parcel is delivered.

Parcel delivery and transport times

GLS delivers parcels on working days, i.e. Monday to Friday. Parcel delivery takes less than 24 hours in most English regions (“in most English regions” moet worden vervangen door “in most parts of Great Britain” indien levering enkel beperkt is tot Groot-Brittannië voor de Engelstalige lezers). However, this standard delivery time cannot be guaranteed.