About us

Smisdom Plastics introduced the modulatory FIX2 system for fish baskets to sports fishing.

This patented system was in fact the start of the development of a full series of modulatory fish baskets, fishing platforms and accessories. Together with the FCS Fishing Control System accessories, that resulted in the FIX2 product series for competition fishing.

We have achieved a truly unique concept, allowing the fisherman to combine various components, when he chooses and how he chooses, into a ‘personal’ whole.

To enhance our market position, while being able to reach virtually every potential fisherman, also other product series have been developed.

For the juniors, the Evolution Concept Box has been designed. These nice sitting baskets are ideal to learn all about the fun and joy of angling..
In addition, also a small but interesting set of accessories is provided for everyday fishing, such as maggot boxes, tackles, tackle boxes, angle supports, etc....

Partially due to this full range of good quality products, varying from recreation to competition purposes, Smisdom Plastics has become quite unique and has developed into one of the most important manufacturers of sitting baskets and angle accessories worldwide.